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News : January 2008

New Issue: The Perfect Portfolio

Creating The Perfect Portfolio … can it be done? And who is your audience—peers or potential employers? Digital Web’s newest contributor, Collis Ta’eed, freelancer extraordinaire, provides his expert take on portfolio development and self-marketing. Follow Collis’ clear explanations of the basics of portfolio construction, from hooking your audience to helping them through the decision-making process. Anyone with a public online profile should give this one a read, and web professionals ever more so.

(Also, if you’re at Web Directions North this week, come find me and say hi!)

January 29, 2008 at 9:18 PM

Tiff Fehr

New Issue: Create a Facebook App!

Digital Web is keeping it short-but-sweet this week, with just one article—but darn if it isn’t a good one. Gareth Rushgrove offers yet another great topic, offering up his expertise in How To Build A Facebook Application. The number of Facebook applications doubles every two seconds (okay, I made that up), but Gareth shows you how to develop your own in an equally short amount of time. Put down your Scrabulous, fire up Gareth’s tutorial and make sure to add your app to the comments!

January 22, 2008 at 10:00 PM

Tiff Fehr

IE8 Version Targeting causes quite a stir

Readers of the venerable A List Apart will already have read about IE8’s new version targeting (and Eric Meyer’s accompanying opinion piece) — and the announcement has elicited quite a few heated reactions, collated here for your convenience:

Microsoft’s own announcement drew both positive and negative comments
Jonathan Snook welcomes the change
Anne van Kesteren is not a fan
A Mozilla developer chimes in
PPK defines the semantics
An official Web Standards Project statement on their involvement
Jeremy Keith thinks the implementation is broken
Andy Budd sees opportunities for other browser vendors
Ethan Marcotte read it two weeks ago and still can’t decide
Zeldman steps up to defend the idea
John ‘jQuery’ Resig thinks the new tag is worthless
Gareth Rushgrove tentatively approves of the change
Dean Edwards posts some pertinent quotes from the WHATWG mailing list
Roger Johansson doesn’t think he likes it
Rachel Andrew sees it as a backwards step
Safari say they won’t be implementing version targeting
Hixie thinks the move could be construed as anti-competitive
Lachlan Hardy thinks we should accept the inevitable
Mike Davies says it’s the end of the line for IE
Eric Meyer expands on his thoughts
liorean approves of the proposed approach
John Resig notices the solution to everyone’s complaints
A long and thoughtful piece from James Bennett
More thoughts from Ethan
A well-reasoned assessment from Shelley Powers

And finally…

The controversy as acted out by toy lemurs :D

I’ll update this list as more opinions roll in — and, of course, please share your own take on the topic in the comments.

January 22, 2008 at 9:03 AM

Matthew Pennell

And...we're back!

Digital Web is back from winter break with a double issue covering two hot topics for web professionals. First up is our newest contributor Brian Suda who’s part of the smarts behind every web geek’s favorite advent calendar 2008 started with renewed buzz over browser standardization and the next version of CSS. While we all keep an eye on the changing landscape, get started on the principles of CSS3 with Brian’s alternate methods for writing valid, browser-specific CSS in CSS Not([hacks]). This is a great read for anyone wrestling with CSS browser hacks (don’t we all? Be honest, it’s a new year).

Coming off their legal news over the holidays, we also have an interview with Opera’s Chris Mills and Jan Standal. While other browsers elaborate on their big ideas for 2008, Opera is quietly attending their development tools and focusing attention to serving the Web over many devices. Keep an eye on Opera as the year’s focus on browsers continues.

January 7, 2008 at 10:15 PM

Tiff Fehr

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